The Lazy Allen stories are works of fiction. Any resemblance to actual people or situations is coincidental and unintended.

For what has turned into a few years now, I’ve been kicking around some ideas for a novel, which I planned to call No Beer in Heaven. I’ve written and re-written various parts of it, and messed around with different structures and voices. I’ve abandoned and forgotten about the project more times than I’d like to admit. From time to time, I’ve picked it up with fresh enthusiasm and dug in for more. Something has been missing, some kind of glue to hold it all together.

At a certain point I realized I needed to get to know my characters in greater depth so I thought I would just forget about the novel for a while and start thinking in terms of short stories featuring the character I named Lazy Allen, my narrator.

Some of these stories existed in one form or another as part of my ill-fated novel and others I’ve made up to be stand-alone stories about Lazy’s life. The stories are not chronological. They are told as Lazy thinks of telling them.


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